🚀 Elon activates wartime CEO mode

Plus: Kia EV9 wins, Zeekr's new high, BYD recalls and more

Hey S3XY 🧤, Elon sacked most of the supercharger team and people got too judgemental over judgemental all around. We probably are a little frog inside a tiny well and some thoughtful guys with wider perspective are in pond. But Elon is an eagle who sees things from bird’s eye view. He clearly knows the scope of superchargers in whole Tesla ecosystem. What if he saw some promising battery tech that would make all these superchargers redundant, what if he discovered completely another way out which made him rethink about supercharger strategy and why does he needs to disclose every information (critical) to share owners along with competitors?
Nonetheless, Elon confirmed that superchargers would continue to expand but at slower pace and focus would be on making those more efficient and expanding current locations.
And some other highlights from today’s letter 📨:

  • CyberTruck wiper in Munro’s lab.

  • Polestar misses deadline.

  • Xpeng’s new brand MONA.

  • BYD’s super 9.

Let’s take a dive..👇🏻



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War mode: Tesla sacks almost entire supercharger team, though expansion to continue at slower pace with increased focus on expanding existing location.

Guide: Tesla released 22 page long CyberTruck off road guide to navigate owner through making most of available features.

Relief: IF Metall announced that Tesla-approved repair shops in Sweden, previously affected by a sympathy strike, will resume Tesla car repairs this week.

Beware: Elon unfollowed Sawyer Merritt & Omar on ‘X’, who had been breaking Tesla news for years. Know here why Elon did that.
They say “keeping a foot on a lion's tail – tempting fate with a roar waiting to happen”.

Different: Autopark visualisation on USS Intel Model 3.

Down but: Tesla is closing in the gap with respect to last year’s China vehicles registration.

Data: The Netherlands reported 1,462 Tesla sales and 5.1% market share for April.

Autonomy: It’s not even v13.x.x and FSD testers are already running out of FSD challenges.


Some theories as to why that outrageous (seemingly) decision of firing supercharger team had been made.

Even a ~50% costlier BMW M3 top of the line variant can’t compete with Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Breaking down the CyberTruck wiper.

Don’t hype it up guys, superchargers are here to stay and grow.

All in guys discuss TSLA - Bots and robotaxi.


Nice debut: With more than 88K order book, Xiaomi targets in to deliver 100000 units in 2024.

Ohoh: Polestar identified "certain errors in historical 2021 and 2022" financial statements and is thus unable to file the 20-F by deadline.

Competition: Xpeng CEO welcomes Tesla FSD in China and praises the tech behind it.

Electric: BYD teases it’s latest supercar, Super 9.

ICE cars: Volkswagen’s share of revenue that comes from just selling genuine parts stands at more than 10% of vehicle sale.

Handshake: Used electric vehicle batteries will be given a second life in the UK, thanks to a new partnership between Nissan and Ecobat.

Low cost brand: Xpeng Motors announced its new brand MONA. A brand symbolizes Made Of New AI and positions itself as a global promoter of AI smart driving cars.

Award: The Kia EV9 won the coveted “Best of the Best” award in the Cars and Motorcycle category at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024.

Personal best: Zeekr delivered 16,089 vehicles in April, a new high since its inception, according to figures released by the company today.

Transition: Volkswagen’s electric vehicle orders in the European market doubled, and the German automaker committed to making its future lineup entirely of EVs.

Recall: BYD is recalling some of its EVs in China over a software issue, the first time it has done so in the last few years.


Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.

Sara Blakely - founder of Spanx

Sara and Jesse are one power couple that everyone must look upto in terms of business, family and life.


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