🚀 Tesla snatches Volvo's crown

Plus: Model Y topping charts, Robotaxi roadblocks, electric container ship and more

Hey S3XY 🧤, In the automotive world, safety has long been a cornerstone principle, with Volvo leading the charge since its inception in 1927. Co-founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson laid the groundwork, declaring that safety would be the guiding force behind every Volvo creation. Despite recent challenges, Volvo has maintained its commitment to safety, ingraining it into the DNA of its vehicles for decades.

However, as technology propels the automotive industry into a new era of smart, connected cars, the torch of safety leadership is passing before our eyes. Tesla, the trailblazer in electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology, is now poised to inherit Volvo's esteemed title.

Incorporating cutting-edge safety features into its vehicles, Tesla is rapidly becoming synonymous with automotive safety in today's fast-paced world. This emphasis on safety is not only solidifying Tesla's position in the market but also expanding its brand reputation on yet another crucial parameter. As Tesla continues to innovate and prioritize safety, it signals a seismic shift in the automotive landscape, marking the dawn of a new era in vehicle safety and technology.

And some other highlights from today’s letter 📨:

  • Ford’s big recall.

  • Microsoft’s humanoid play.

  • Sanctuary AI’s founder interview.

  • Rest in Peace CyberBlade.

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Woha: Unbelievable that even after more than 10 air flips/rolls in a fatal crash, all passengers inside this Tesla are alive and well.
- Accident clip.
- Post accident Tesla and passengers.

Rumors: Not confirmed but Tesla Model ‘2’ could be trimmed down hatchback version of Model 3 per some OEM supplier.

Nothing unusual though: FSD v12.3.6 parks in a super narrow spot.

Addons: New CyberTruck accessories on the way; cooler and inflator.

Irrelevant: S&P Global has reaffirmed its 'BBB' credit rating for Tesla.

Again: Tesla Model Y top sales chart for Q1 in all major markets.

Numbers: Sweden reported 1,052 Tesla sales and 4.8% market share for April.

Cash flows: Looks like Tesla is shadowing Amazon to some extent in this chart.

Competition? The Porsche Taycan 4S lags behind Tesla Model 3 Performance in all key metrics despite costing more that 2x.


Glance on Elon’s working style from someone who had been an incredible insider.

Tesla Energy performance.

Interview with Geordie Rose - Founder and CEO of Sanctuary AI.

Walkaround Tesla Model Y Police Car.

ARK crew talks about Tesla’s autonomy tech, Robotaxi revenue potential and major roadblocks.


Almighty China: BYD’s New Energy Vehicle sales witnessed jump of ~50% YoY for month of April with 313245 units.

Partnership: Sanctuary AI announces Microsoft collaboration to accelerate AI development for general purpose robots.

Layoffs: Volkswagen looking to trim down its administrative staff and is offering close to $1 billion in bonuses for employees who opt to end their contracts early.

Ouch: Ford recalls Maverick pickups because tail lights can go dark, increasing crash risk.

Electrifying transportation: In China, the world's largest battery-electric container ship has started regular operations between Shanghai and Nanjing.

Hydrogen dreams: Toyota announced that it’s turning its R&D office in Los Angeles into its new North American hydrogen headquarters.

7% of total sales: In April, Hyundai sold 4,955 electric cars based on its E-GMP platform in the U.S., 54% more than a year ago.

Encouraging: NIO delivered 15,620 vehicles in April 2024, representing a strong increase of 134.6% year-over-year.


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Melanie Perkins - Founder of Canva

Know how she built a multi billion dollar empire and she is beyond amazing.


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