🚀 Tesla's Bargain Bonanza!

Plus: Giga Berlin expanding, Honda's big EV push, Kia pickup coming and more

Hey S3XY 🧤, Just days after Tesla USA rolled out a tempting 0.99% APR offer on the Model Y, Tesla China has upped the ante with an even more enticing deal. Chinese customers now have the option of a zero down payment or zero interest loan when purchasing the Model Y and Model 3.

Meanwhile, Nio has entered the fray by unveiling the ONVO L60, positioning it as a compelling alternative to the Model Y. Priced approximately 13% lower than its Tesla counterpart, Nio is aggressively promoting the L60 as a superior choice. In response, Tesla has swiftly countered with attractive financing options to maintain its competitive edge.

Over in Korea, Tesla comes up with a unique loyalty program, extending benefits worth approximately $1800 to both current and past Tesla customers on purchase of select variants of the Model 3. However, these promotions are temporary and set to expire by end of June.

Amidst a landscape marked by shifting product dynamics and intensifying competition, Elon Musk and his team are pulling out all the stops in pursuit of surpassing past year’s delivery numbers.

And some other highlights from today’s letter 📨:

  • Model 3 performance price hiked.

  • TSLA double top trap.

  • ONVO teases Tesla.

  • Japanese smart car alliance.

Let’s take a dive..👇🏻



557.60 B


100.19 M


59.81 M


Offers: Tesla running zero down payment or zero interest loans until June 30th to boosts Model 3/Y sales in China.

It’s politics: See what various German politicians said about Tesla’s expansion approval.

Trade TSLA: Hey Tesla traders, beware of fake out surge, it could be well double top to $181.

Rewarding loyalty: Tesla taps into current and past customers in Korea to sale Model 3 by giving them ‘special’ benefits’.

Price hike: Tesla again raises price of Model 3 performance by another $1000, additionally white interior now comes without extra dollars.
Expect no more price rise though, as it has reached cap of $55k to be eligible for IRA tax credit.

Expansion: Despite oppositions, Tesla wins the council approval in order to expand Giga Berlin.

Maybe: Majority of cars sold in Germany are to commercial entities, in which Tesla seem to be getting a good hold.


Profitability chart of all auto majors.

Meet Baidu Robotaxi.

Not sure if it is for real. But if it is; than wow, what a save.

Newly launched ONVO L60 mocks Tesla Model Y in latest advertisement.

Coolest Semi ever.


Okay! Nio’s brand ‘ONVO’ to breakeven upon reaching 20k units of monthly sales.

Manufacturing: Get inside view of BYD rolling out ‘Shark’ out of line.

Optimistic: Geordie Rose, co-founder of Sanctuary AI says that they are market, technology and IP leaders in the category.

Softwares: Toyota, Nissan and Honda comes together to work on next gen smart cars.

Another push: Honda lines up $65 billion investment to build new EVs as their another try.

Swappers: Nio battery swap alliance is growing, adds FAW to already long list of partners.

Pickups: The first Kia electric pickup was spotted testing in the US as the brand gears up for an EV offensive.

Settlement: GM, LG agree on $150 million relief fund for Chevy Bolt EV owners over faulty batteries.

Output: Xiaomi’s Beijing factory is expected to switch to a double-shift production schedule next month.


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