🚀 Tesla's German Odyssey

Plus: Unitree's $16k bot, Unbiased China, Fisker in trouble again and more

Hey S3XY 🧤, In Germany, Tesla has been met with sustained opposition, with protestors urging the company to halt its Gigafactory expansion plans. Interestingly, these protests seem to exclusively target Tesla, despite its reputation for sustainability compared to other automakers. This raises questions about the true motives behind the backlash.

Critics argue that many protestors come from lower-income backgrounds and regions where electric vehicles (BEVs) are not yet prevalent. This localized perspective may not fully represent broader German sentiments.

Germany, a key automotive manufacturing hub in Europe, is wary of the negative impact these protests could have on its image as an attractive investment destination.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz has publicly voiced support for Tesla, expressing hope for a swift resolution to the situation and emphasizing the importance of Tesla's expansion for the country's economic growth.

And some other highlights from today’s letter 📨:

  • Storytime with Franz.

  • Nio CEO buys Xpeng X9.

  • BYD’s hatchback coming.

  • Tesla’s 0.99% APR offer.

Let’s take a dive..👇🏻



537.28 B


103.91 M


72.63 M


No bias: China Consumer Association says that Tesla would be treated on par with local auto makers.

Till 31st May: Tesla offers throwaway financing rates on Model Y for limited time across USA.

Govt. support: Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz hopes that Tesla expands and doubles it’s production.

Transition: Why long term TSLA investor shouldn’t be bothered about 2024 delivery numbers.

Ludicrous: The all new updated Model 3 Performance soon would be launched in China.

Narrow sample: Ongoing protests against Tesla in Germany doesn’t really depict broader German voice for Tesla and EVs in general.

It’s official: Tesla’s Megafactory construction plan received an official approval from the Office of the Management Committee in Lingang New Area, China Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Disruption: Per Elon, what Netflix did to DVDs, Tesla’s FSD would do to ‘ordinary’ cars.


It’s time to show newbies this informational video.

And they say Elon has put breaks on spend over Tesla’s Supercharging network.

CyberTruck rose gold edition!

Franz walks through about how he happened to join Tesla.

Beautiful to watch Xpeng and Nio CEO coming together.


Yes ceramic: The bearing giant, NBC is preparing to put lots of ceramic balls into EVs.

Old but gold: Why autonomous vehicles are the pebble that will trigger the automation avalanche.

Bots are coming: Unitree unveils G1 humanoid agent with starting price of just $16000.

More trouble: Safety regulators in the U.S. have opened an investigation into Fisker’s Ocean, following fresh complaints of a braking issue.

Sodium batteries: China has put the first large-scale sodium-ion battery storage station into operation, marking the beginning of the adoption of the new, lower-cost battery for large-scale use.

Try harder: General Motors is investing $390 million in Kansas for next-gen Chevy Bolt EV production.

Cheap EVs: BYD has made a filing in China for a hatchback that could be a production version of the Ocean-M concept that was unveiled at the 2024 Beijing auto show late last month.

Ready to unveil: Onvo has prioritized low energy consumption from day 1, says Nio sub-brand chief.


Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

A documentary on one of the greatest Prime Minister of Britain.


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