🚀 Unprecedented FSD implications

Plus: Huge Megapack order, BYD's new JV, Xpeng expands and more

Hey S3XY 🧤, Elon recently shared some updates on FSD development on ‘X’. He announced that v12.4 is poised for release, allowing drivers to go hands free completely from the steering wheel, with Tesla already conducting tests on v12.5 and v12.6. These versions are geared towards addressing rare case scenarios, handling unexpected events, and enhancing communication within the ecosystem, drawing inspiration from real-time traffic data systems.

Another significant aspect is the growing evidence that adopting vision-based technology is not only the most cost-effective but also the most practical approach to achieving self-driving capabilities, failure of many startups employing alternative technologies proves the point.

Now coming on to macro side of things, recognition of autonomy by think tank like Warren Buffett and it’s implications on insurance industry strongly signals that it’s getting out of concept stage for wider set of audience and looking so ready from the perspective of relatively ‘unaware‘ set of people who know little about FSD’s rate of progress.

From a regulatory standpoint, China has already begun establishing infrastructure to support autonomous driving. Elon’s recent productive visit and rumors surrounding the launch of Robotaxi services further reinforce China's potential to lead in widespread adoption of self-driving tech, prompting other countries, including the USA, to avoid falling behind.

And some other highlights from today’s letter 📨:

  • Uber CEO on Elon.

  • Understand Degree of Freedom.

  • Unreal rusted CyberTruck.

  • Mercedes reverse gear.

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557.22 B


104.60 M


79.97 M


Legit: This industry insider says the majority of the OEMs are somewhere around 5 years behind Tesla.

Huge: Tesla has secured a new $448 million Megapack contract to quadruple the size of the Stanwell battery in Queensland, Australia.

Free your hands: Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will finally be getting rid of the FSD steering wheel nag with v12.4 which is expected to launch by next week or two.

Respected: The creator of Gmail, Paul Buchheit says that Tesla is about to get transformed into altogether different company than it is today & signals bad days ahead for Uber, Waymo and others.

Nerd in you: Know here the parameters on which Tesla tracks driver alertness through in cabin camera.

Milestone: Tesla celebrates 10 years in Sweden with continued expansion and Cyber Odyssey.

Mighty Megapacks: Evolution of Tesla Energy business, last quarter had highest ever gross profit margin of 24.6%.

Autonomy: Elon outlines 'his timeline' for the launch of Full Self-Driving (FSD) for CyberTrucks.

Ecosystem: FSD v12.5 and 12.6 already in works and by then Tesla’s will be able to feed other Teslas about real time road conditions.

Winner: Tesla tops the list of top energy company by Energy Digital.


Uber CEO’s Robotaxi plan and his take on Tesla & Elon.

After recent highlight by Warren Buffett on insurance sector disruption due to Tesla’s FSD, insurance companies have started modelling their future strategy based on safer self driving cars.

Few years back Elon did funny opening monologue at Saturday Night Live.

So you recently heard about Degree of Freedom (DoF) during recent Optimus video drop, understand it better here.
Optimus hands to soon have 22 DoF & btw human hands has 27 DoF.

This CyberTruck got rusted too soon-too much!


Not easy: Hyundai Motor's joint venture self-driving company 'Motional' has laid off its employees and postponed plans to commercialize its technology.

Ahead & Pro: China is already planning to embed infrastructure required for wide scale adoption of autonomous vehicles.

Backwards: Mercedes shifts focus back to gas guzzlers amidst struggles to boost profit from EVs.

Transition: Lexus has filed trademarks that seem to indicate it is planning to launch a fully electric version of its ES sedan.

Discounts: As a result of the newly implemented $10,000 Polestar Clean Vehicle Incentive unveiled last week, lease rates for the 2024 Polestar 2 have now dropped by over $120 per month.

Distribution: Xpeng has entered into a partnership with Australia's TrueEV, which will be its sole importer, distributor and retailer in the country.

Cheap EVs: Nio will officially launch its sub-brand Onvo (Ledao in China) on May 15, with the first model competing with Tesla Model Y.

Sodium batteries: BYD's sodium-ion battery joint venture has been set up as the new energy vehicle (NEV) and power battery giant pushes for the commercialization of lower-cost batteries.

Command: GM China ushers in new era with Steve Hill as president following Julian Blissett's retirement.


To be successful you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.

Thomas J. Watson

Once considered playboy, how he managed to turnaround his life and IBM eventually.


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